Cannot Detach a model from a managed model?!


Ever since i bought the new version of V8i, whenever i try to detach a reference file from a dgn file a message pops up that i cant detach it.

I can't find a proper solution to the issue of trying to detach without the window popping up saying I cannot detach.

I have read all the solution that are available, but none of them worked. I do not have geopak or inroads so i cannot open microstation with geopak/inroads to attempt the other solutions.

I'm positive there is another way to get this working without geopak/inroads. This software is pricey enough that I shouldn't run into these problems.

i have the version of V8i.

i would really appreciate it if anyone could help me figure this out.

Thank You!

  • As Mary pointed out some form of civil data was written to the attachment elements and the master file.

    The only way to detach the reference is to detach them within one of the Civil Products.

  • we found a work around while waiting for the inroads user to fix it  well not me my colleague didm  create a new file  ref attach the old file  not nested select and copy all the elements from the ref file... now you have a single model file... detach ref ..

    I think that was the process I'll recheck at  work and consult my notes at work .. and get  back to you... please  get back to me if this didnt work for you...


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  • While that may work, we can't always create a slew of new files just because we need to copy a few elements from a reference file. Even with design files, it's not encouraged to keep recreating files if there's not a darn good reason (inconvenience isn't good enough).

    Even though it's not "best practice" I usually use CTRL+C/CTRL+V to copy information between files, rather than reference anything from a Civil product. One of the (many) reasons we have given up on SS4 and are holding off on OpenRoads - Lack of interoperability with the vanilla drafting software. The civil model is protected like Fort Knox, to the detriment of production.


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  • Yeah, but I'm working with a team through projectwise and I can't keep creating new file, so don't really have the option to do this.


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