Use of WFS (Web Feature Service)

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Quick question from Product Management of Web Feature Service (WFS), which is essentially has similar functionality to WMS but with simple vectors instead of rasters.

How many of you would like to see this in MicroStation? It is currently in Bentley Map.


Samir Haque

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  • What does WMS do and how does it work?

    Wikipedia provides basic overview, specification is available here.

    In "normal words", WMS defines format how to publish maps (typically raster, but the standard allows to use SVG also) using HTTP protocol.

    It's the most simple way how to publish map data, on the other hand the functionality is quite limited (there is only one query feature and it's not usually supported). But because the standard is simple, many maps data worlwide are available in this format (e.g. in Czech Republic there are tens of WMS servers (cadastre, region authorities...) publishing several thousands of raster layers.



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