area of multiple shapes

In V8i you could use the group hole tool to select multiple shapes (*** Ctrl  held down) and then get the combined area. This does not appear to work any longer in Connect U10. Is there another method for doing this?

  • Was a suitable answer ever provided for this? As stated by the original author, you were able to simply measure the cumulative area of independent shapes by suing the group hole tool in V8i. You could then create an insert field and have an immediate read out of the total area of a series of shapes.

    This was incredibly important for generating totals from plan layouts or measuring facade areas etc. I am now trying to do this in Connect and struggling.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.


  • In Update 17 the Area Tools was introduced, were the Area Calculator and Place Text tool allows a Text element to be placed measuring the area of multiple shapes. 

    However it does not allow for the placement of a Text Field, such that if one of the shapes were modified the Text is not updated automatically.

    Tim advised earlier "enhancement #920971 has been filed for this" note this Enhancement Reference # has changed to PBI 662447. At this time this still remains outstanding. Please log a Service Request and ask for it to be linked to PBI 662447 if you wish to be updated of further changes.

  • Hi Carl,

    I've just downloaded and installed update 17 for the purposes of testing these new area tools. They are helpful, but the inability to link any created areas to a field is hamstringing the tools. The enhancement would referenced above would be very much appreciated.

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