Bentley View V8 and Bentley View Connect Edition

Bentley View V8:-

I have suggested to a client that he installs Bentley View V8 edition on his machine ( in the absence of a Connect version ), he has asked me if Bentley has a tutorial for this, do we have a PDF or video tutorial?

Bentley View Connect Edition:-

Firstly, can anyone advise when the new version will be available and secondly will it have similar measuring and extended viewing capabilities i.e. will my client be able to view Display Rules etc.


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  • The reintroduction of Bentley View CONNECT Edition is forthcoming, anticipated to be early in the fourth quarter of this year.  As has been the case with previous generations of Bentley View, it is a derivative of the MicroStation codebase and thus will support CONNECT Edition capabilities as expected (fpr example, Display Rules and the latest version of RealDWG).  Users who would like to install Bentley View V8i can do so now and as soon as Bentley View CONNECT Edition is available, it will be posted as a free download on the MicroStation product page on


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