Mstn Connect Update 10 Enter Data Fields turning white


In Microstation Connect Update 10, I am placing cells with "Enter Data Fields" in them.  When I enter information into an empty "Enter Data Field", it turns white.  When I edit an existing filled "Enter Data Field", it turns white. When I place a text with an "enter data field", it shows properly.  When I edit that text (edit single enter data field tool), the part of the text with the data field turns white.

This does not happen in Mstn V8i SS3.

Is there a setting that I am missing, or is this a bug?

--Robert Arnold

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  • So while the default behavior was different in V8i; this is the behavior for this functionality going forward.

    That's terrible!!!
    So basically, "it used to work one way before, but we bother to keep that, and we aren't going to fix it..."

    I too am glad to hear that the variable solution is a temporary fix. I don't use EDF often, but I still run across them in certain clients' files. I don't know what purpose it would serve to automatically change the color of an EDF; that sounds like a bug and not a "functionality".


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