Connect Edition - Dimension with Background Text

Good morning,

I have a text style which has the background mask turned on and set to a 0.35 (in text ht. units) offset. This text style is being used within a dimension style. My issue comes when trying to use this dimension style within Connect Edition. When I try to use it, the background mask area is huge (probably 10X the text ht.). If I simply go to the text style, go to the text tab, switch text styles to anything else, and then go right back to the original text style, everything is good. The mask will then come in correctly when using the dimensions. I tried to get into a file and first place just text and just a note using that text style, and both worked perfectly. It is only when using it with the dimensioning tools (dimension linear or angular) that this is an issue. Any ideas? If it helps, I have posted the master DGN file as well as the DGNLIB where the style is stored.


Microstation PowerDraft


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