I just posted an Idea for Notes with a line under the first line of text - Can you do that in CE?

For YEARS I have wanted the ability to place a note with a line beneath the first line of text with the rest of the note underneath that line. I know a few workarounds, and ways to make something LOOK like that, but there has been no way to create that sort of element as a true note from a dimension style.

Has that ability been added to CONNECT?
Could it be added?

Thank you.


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  • about that HERE

    hey mary that's a great solution from MWLONG especially as I would only need two lines most of the time I can even make a custom dim style...

    setting the inline leader line to centre ( blue line in settings Lower RHS) then per you text adjust the length  and negative margin to create the line is brilliant solution (works great for 2 lines and for 3 lines add a return before the first line, even if you edit after placement it works , you need to save this as a new named style or it wont stay ( well for me it needed to)

    I've posted a copy of the screen shot for quick solution as benefit for other users... worked great for me... another one for the microstation tips book...


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