I just posted an Idea for Notes with a line under the first line of text - Can you do that in CE?

For YEARS I have wanted the ability to place a note with a line beneath the first line of text with the rest of the note underneath that line. I know a few workarounds, and ways to make something LOOK like that, but there has been no way to create that sort of element as a true note from a dimension style.

Has that ability been added to CONNECT?
Could it be added?

Thank you.


  • In CONNECT the text editor is a little more robust, you can reference the images below.

    Once the text is entered in the editor you can select portions of the text and change certain attributes like italic,bold, and underline.

    The note can then be placed normally.

    In V8i you could not select a portion and apply an underline, as it would be applied to all text.

    I know a few workarounds, and ways to make something LOOK like that, but there has been no way to create that sort of element as a true note from a dimension style.

    what process were you doing before? Dropping from multiline to multiple single line text?

  • No, I've been able to underline a portion of a piece of text for years - in V8i. That's not new to Connect.
    What I'm looking for is the ability to create a dimension style that would place a note like this:

    Not text with an underline, an actual note leader that goes under the first line of text, while the other lines of text show below that leader line.

    Dimensions have been able to place the leader under (ALL) the text for some time:

    What I want (and have wanted for years!) is a dimension/note style that would place that same line under the FIRST line of text instead of the LAST.

    As it is, I have to place an note configured as shown in the second image for just the first line of text, then place an independent piece of text below it for the rest of the note, or I have to place plain text and draw a line string in place of a real note leader. I can't create a real Note that looks like the first image.

    We use this style constantly. I've tried to encourage people to move toward the available note options, but everyone loves this look and refuses to give it up. Truth is, I like the way it looks too; I just don't like the extra work it takes to create or modify the darn things. I've seen requests for this type of note on these boards going back over ten years - I'm not the only one who would like this option.

    I guess I was hoping that, will all the other updates coming in CE that Bentley might have addressed this, and given us a little more flexibility in Dimension/Note styles.


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  • If I were absolutely sure that all of the notes were always going to have the same number of lines all the time, I might be able to figure out the lower margin spacing to force the line leader up between the lines of text. There's actually a thread about that HERE. But that's not the case. A lot of the notes are two lines, but plenty are three, four, even five lines long. At that point, since the leader would be measured up from the bottom, I'd need a half-dozen Note styles to cover all the eventualities.


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  • If you wanted to monitor the progress of this Enhancement, as well as including yourself in the list of accounts with interest in this, you should raise a new Service Request and we can link it. This will also allow our development team to estimate the interest for including this in a future release.

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  • about that HERE

    hey mary that's a great solution from MWLONG especially as I would only need two lines most of the time I can even make a custom dim style...

    setting the inline leader line to centre ( blue line in settings Lower RHS) then per you text adjust the length  and negative margin to create the line is brilliant solution (works great for 2 lines and for 3 lines add a return before the first line, even if you edit after placement it works , you need to save this as a new named style or it wont stay ( well for me it needed to)

    I've posted a copy of the screen shot for quick solution as benefit for other users... worked great for me... another one for the microstation tips book...


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  • This works great indeed. A pitty this does not work for CE. Left margin does not take negative values....

    Another drawback for CE.


  • I forgot about that post! Glad it helps.

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