WMS Attachment not Working in CE

Good afternoon,

We have a couple of DGNs with the attached XWMS for reference (aerials and quad maps) and have been using it successfully with V8i for awhile now. When we try to attach those same DGNs in Connect Edition, it works within some DGNs, but not others. I can't find any common link between the files it works and the ones where it does not. When it does not work, it doesn't give me any errors, it just doesn't show up. Sometimes when the server isn't responding, it will at least show the outline of the image and I can zoom to extents with it filling the view. When it isn't working now, the outline doesn't show up and it will say no elements found when zooming to extents.

Any ideas?



  • Is it possible for you to supply some example DGN files that can be used for testing? This would be along with any WMS details that you are connecting to, maybe the XWMS reference, anything else you believe might be helpful in replicating your issue. It could be relating to communications so details about whether you have to use a proxy server would be useful as well.

    Andrew Bell
    Technical Support
    Bentley Systems

  • Attached are the files in question. I am trying to attach (as a DGN) the "Indiana Aerial WMS Raster.dgn" file to the "Test.dgn" file. I have also included the XWMS file, which is attached to the Raster.dgn file. FYI - I had to change the file extension of the XWMS to be able to attach it here. I'm not sure about the proxy question, but if it helps, I am able to use that Raster.dgn file in V8i without issue.

    Let me know if there is more needed.


    Indiana Aerial WMS Raster.dgn

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
            <STYLES />
            <LAYER TITLE="State Boundary" NAME="0"  ABSTRACT="Best Available Imagery  - (2005 - 2011) - Shows imagery  that is considered the best available imagery for Indiana based on obtaining the most recent imagery that has a resolution of 1 foot (pixels are 1 ft x 1 ft) or better.  Users can use the following web address to determine the year and resolution of the imagery in this basemap for a specific area - &#xA;http://gis.uits.iu.edu/ImageryMetadata.html" />


  • Thanks for the example files, I have been able to replicate what you have explained. Defect # 949665 has been raised for this issue. To be notified of update it is suggested that you should raise a new Service Request which can be linked to it.


    Andrew Bell
    Technical Support
    Bentley Systems

  • We had the same issue. We found a fix: toggle to view dependant in properties. The map showed up for us then.