Microstation crash during panning with ecw images attached

We have been seeing a crash of microstation frequently when panning the view with raster images attached.  I first thought it was related to a program of our own that was running, however today after unloaded our app it happened again.  I was able to load it in a debug session and see the call stack.  Here is what it showed:

> ntdll.dll!0000000077b0a365() Unknown
  ucrtbase.dll!000007feec7bd7bb() Unknown
  NCSEcw.dll!0000000180033950() Unknown
  NCSEcw.dll!000000018002ddb4() Unknown
  NCSEcw.dll!000000018070b55f() Unknown
  NCSEcw.dll!0000000180561c56() Unknown
  NCSEcw.dll!00000001805989d2() Unknown
  NCSEcw.dll!00000001805cb462() Unknown
  NCSEcw.dll!0000000180544fba() Unknown
  NCSEcw.dll!0000000180545441() Unknown
  NCSEcw.dll!000000018054505b() Unknown
  IppGraLibs3.dll!000007fecbb02c76() Unknown
  IppGraLibs3.dll!000007fecbb02daf() Unknown
  IppGraLibs3.dll!000007fecbcd2c37() Unknown
  IppGraLibs3.dll!000007fecbcd565c() Unknown
  IppGraLibs3.dll!000007fecbab3042() Unknown
  IppGraLibs3.dll!000007fecbab62e0() Unknown
  IppGraLibs3.dll!000007fecba9e90a() Unknown
  IppGraLibs3.dll!000007fecbaa8ef9() Unknown
  RasterCore2.dll!0000000052d51d97() Unknown
  RasterCore2.dll!0000000052d4f6c4() Unknown
  RasterCore2.dll!0000000052d4f488() Unknown
  RasterCore2.dll!0000000052db7513() Unknown
  IppUtlLibs3.dll!000007fee8571b4f() Unknown
  [External Code] 

Has anyone seen a crash like this?  We are using the latest Update 10 of Connect.

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