pipe bend smooth display in drawings


I have created a  pipe bend using flexi pipe in Aecosim(connect) but when I view that in plan or sections in drawings (microstation v8i) this doesn't come up with a smooth display. Is there any settings/ variable i should be mindful of to get a smooth display. Advice hugely appreciated. Many thanks Boney

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  • I can't apply any style other than Hidden to that particular view for drawing presentation reasons.

    That's strange. With Microstation we can see what we want in the view that we want with the aspect that we want. Independently from the sheet layout, if this is what you were referring from "drawing presentation"?

    How will I apply that to an element in a sheet which comes from a drawing model.

    That will have to be changed in direct element properties in your drawing file. In sheet you can change your reference display and this element remains with the display that you use in the drawing. The screen shot comes from CE but the option it's the same as in V8i: