[Connect U11] Named presentations and clip volumes

Should named presentations work with clip volumes?

I have a door panel in 3d that is set to show only in an isometric view but still shows in a top view with a clip volume applied.

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  • Yep agree totally with this. I was hoping to set up a test file to demonstrate how NPs would work in conjunction with perforators but it's just to buggy and unpredictable to even attempt that at the moment. I love what the tools are supposed to do and I know they are in beta but they feel more like alpha. They need to be far more robust and a documented workflow would be very helpful. 

  • Duncan / Dominic, thanks for your feedback. We will post some more examples and improve the documentation if that is an issue. I would appreciate if you could send us the specifics of the issues you are encountering to help us investigate and resolve them.



  • 7271.perforatortest.celperforatortest2.dgn

    Here is an example. The door cell I've placed in the dgn should not show the 3d extruded door in a top view but it does.

  • Hi Duncan, I had a quick look at your cell and I can make it work after moving the door fram and slab solids to the "Model" presentation (from "isometric").

    We are working at making this tool more intuitive and easy to use to reduce the chance of confusion in assigning the graphics to each of the presentations.


  • Hi Marco

    Thanks. I'm a bit confused. Your video seems to show what I don't want. In a top view I only want to see the 2d elements in the Door8 cell. I don't want to see any 3d. I don't think you are showing that.