Joining Line Strings

I'm trying to find a V8 version of a mdl app I had back in V7. It was called and had the ability to join line strings. I used it to join line strings that were on the same level to form a complex chain. I used this rather than the create complex chain command as this mdl required no user interaction.

it had these command line swtches

-a - stroke ARCS to tolerance (no)
-c<[+/-]n> - change-COLOR for joins (no)
-e - ERROR-tolerance radius (0.1)
-f - output FILE for logging results
-g{[y][lcws]} - lvl/col/wgt/sty must be SAME to GROUP (all yes)
-h - dump this HELP/usage text
-j{[y][lcws]} - lvl/col/wgt/sty must be SAME to JOIN (all yes)
-l - LEVELS to process (1-63)
-p{]- PRIORITY level to output
-t - TYPES to process (3,4,11)
-o{]- lvl/col/wgt/sty ONLY mixed to


If nobody knows of a V8 version can someone suggest a way to join the line strings.