[Connect] Stretch Tool not selecting / stretching some elements.

Hi everyone,

We have a reoccurring problem in the office which none of us have been able to resolve.  

When using the Stretch Elements command, some elements don't stretch at all.  It seems to be a fairly random selection of elements that don't stretch. For example some groups and cells stretch, but not others. Some lines don't stretch and sometimes whole shapes or groups just get left behind.  When none of the elements stretch we get the message "X No Elements in fence" in the message centre.

There is a similar issue with the selection tool (not sure if it's related) where some lines / groups of lines have to be selected one at a time as the selection tool misses them.

Has anyone encountered this issue? Any solutions? 



We are using:

Micro Station Power Draft Connect - Update 10 Version

And we are running on various Windows 10 computers.