Launching Autoturn in Connect

I have Microstation Connect and so far, the only way I have found to launch the plugin AutoTURN is to type "Path" (or another AT command) in the Search box. I know there has to be a better way to launch the plugin. When we had V8i it was located in MSAdditions but there doesn't seem to be that option for Connect. Thanks!

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  • AutoTURN sets a user config variable when loading. Apparently this variable is not deleted when AutoTURN is unloaded:

    The AutoTURN ribbon tab visibility status is driven by a Named Expression that checks the above config variable (AutoTURN.dgnlib). Because the config variable remains defined even after ATCN has been unloaded, the AutoTURN ribbon tab remains visible:

    The quick solution is to delete the user config variable after unloading ATCN and then refresh the ribbon.

    This is what the cleanup macro looks like:

    Sub ExitAutoTurn()
    ' unload app
    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "MDL UNLOAD ATCN"
    ' undefine user config var
    ActiveWorkspace.RemoveConfigurationVariable ("AT_10_1_Loaded")
    ' refresh ribbon
    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "RIBBON REBUILD"
    ' close AT toolbox (optional)
    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "DIALOG TOOLBOX ""AutoTURN"" CLOSE"
    End Sub

    You can also add a custom button to the AutoTURN toolbox (AutoTURN.dgnlib) and connect it to the macro:

    All testing was done using AutoTURN 10.2 running on MicroStation CONNECT 17.1 (

  • Alternatively you can define a Named Expression of session.ismdlloaded("ATCN") and this will correctly detect if Autoturn is running.

    For the Load icon: 

    For the Unload Icon:


    IsAutoturnMDLloaded? = session.ismdlloaded("ATCN")

    IsAutoturnMDLunloaded? = NOT(session.ismdlloaded("ATCN"))

    IsAutoturnInstalled? = ConfigVar.IsConfigVarDefined("AUTOTURN_PATH")



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