Launching Autoturn in Connect

I have Microstation Connect and so far, the only way I have found to launch the plugin AutoTURN is to type "Path" (or another AT command) in the Search box. I know there has to be a better way to launch the plugin. When we had V8i it was located in MSAdditions but there doesn't seem to be that option for Connect. Thanks!

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  • Have you checked to see that the unload command actually works?  I'm not sure it does, at least not sufficiently to release the license.  If you investigate carefully, you may find that the interface is unleaded but the license is still be consumed.  Of course, this only matters if you have a limited pool of AutoTurn licenses.

    Please note that I used terms "may", "not sure", etc.  I don't know if this applies to AutoTurn, but I have seen it with other software.

    Robert Garrett