Why Connect Advisor with Bentley View?


Why is Connect Advisor being installed with Bentley View?  How much advising can be done for a read-only viewer?

Also, why does installing Bentley View Connect affect the installation of Microstation V8i SS3?  There is no reason why installing the new View should install the Connection Advisor into Mcrostation V8i, especially without giving the user an option.


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  • Would you like a helper application for each and every software installed on your computer? One for Microsoft Office, one for Firefox, one for younameit?

    It may make sense if you've installed e.g. a suite like Adobe or Nikon software but I don't need a helper app for a standalone installation like Bentley View or even just Powerdraft or Microstation without any other Bentley programs. Everyone else is able to integrate it into their main software, so why can't Bentley?

    Just think about it.