Why Connect Advisor with Bentley View?


Why is Connect Advisor being installed with Bentley View?  How much advising can be done for a read-only viewer?

Also, why does installing Bentley View Connect affect the installation of Microstation V8i SS3?  There is no reason why installing the new View should install the Connection Advisor into Mcrostation V8i, especially without giving the user an option.


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  • Hi,

    Tell me how any of this helps you with Bentley View?

    "CONNECT Advisor boosts productivity"?  Productivity means "drafting" and getting a quality product with the least amount of expense, ie time/labor.  Our employees know what they are doing and are proficient at Microstation using the tools that we need for our projects.  So there is no additional productivity for us, but there is more distractions and time wasted, and more overhead on our computers--with nothing good coming from it.