Why Connect Advisor with Bentley View?


Why is Connect Advisor being installed with Bentley View?  How much advising can be done for a read-only viewer?

Also, why does installing Bentley View Connect affect the installation of Microstation V8i SS3?  There is no reason why installing the new View should install the Connection Advisor into Mcrostation V8i, especially without giving the user an option.


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  • It provides you with information related to

    1. Posts, Wikis, and Blogs from Bentley Communities
    2. Videos, Hands-on and Assessments from Bentley LEARN server
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    My users don't need any of this. It's just a distraction from what they should be doing. 90% of the content is irrelevant in the first place and I want my users looking at specific help that we have provided to support our workflows not generic low quality and often not about Microstation content.

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