Why Connect Advisor with Bentley View?


Why is Connect Advisor being installed with Bentley View?  How much advising can be done for a read-only viewer?

Also, why does installing Bentley View Connect affect the installation of Microstation V8i SS3?  There is no reason why installing the new View should install the Connection Advisor into Mcrostation V8i, especially without giving the user an option.


  • CONNECT Advisor is not just a helper tool. I apologize if I might have misled you into believing that its just another help tool. but to clear your doubt, let me present with what it is supposed to do.

    CONNECT Advisor is a desktop application which provides a unified interface for you to interact with various Bentley content in one location, thereby eliminating the need to browse to various sources individually. CONNECT Advisor boosts productivity as it reduces the time required to access and get information. You get the ability to browse-search-view-interact without having to leave the application that you are working on.

    CONNECT Advisor performs the following functions:

    1. It provides you with information related to
      1. Posts, Wikis, and Blogs from Bentley Communities
      2. Videos, Hands-on and Assessments from Bentley LEARN server
      3. Videos from Bentley YouTube Channels
      4. Bentley News and Announcements
      5. Upcoming Bentley Events
      6. Local Product Help (CHM + PDF files)
      7. Online Product Help
      8. Suggestions from Learn based on your learning history
      9. Knowledgemaps and Learning Paths
    2. It provides you with a unified interface that displays the above items all gathered from their respective sites and locations.
    3. It gives you the ability to search within all the available sources (Bentley Communities, Bentley LEARNserver, Bentley YouTube channels, Bentley News and Announcements, Bentley Events, Product Help.)
    4. any many more features

  • If you feel that there is something wrong with CONNECT Advisor, we can work with you to get things changed as per your needs.

  • You can disable CONNECT Advisor in your application.

    After you have launched your application, you can invoke/launch CONNECT Advisor and when the main window dialog is shown

    you can go the settings inside of CONNECT Advisor and disable it, by selecting the "Do not launch at Startup" option and saving the settings

  • More help and documentation on CONNECT Advisor (CA) can be found in its Documentation directory

    Browse to the folder where CA is installed

    Eg. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Bentley Shared\CONNECT Advisor\Documentation

    you will find the user guide and the installer guide in there

  • Hi,

    Tell me how any of this helps you with Bentley View?

    "CONNECT Advisor boosts productivity"?  Productivity means "drafting" and getting a quality product with the least amount of expense, ie time/labor.  Our employees know what they are doing and are proficient at Microstation using the tools that we need for our projects.  So there is no additional productivity for us, but there is more distractions and time wasted, and more overhead on our computers--with nothing good coming from it.