Why doesn't CE View allow you to 'Copy to Clipboard'?

Why doesn't CE View allow you to 'Copy to Clipboard'? The previous versions did, but the new one doesn't. This is a feature that I used a lot. 

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  • Please keep in mind this is the initial release of Bentley View CONNECT Edition and we will have regular updates.

    Is it? I'm sure that my version says Update 11, although I will check.

  • So if this is functionality that you and others would like to see, then please create an Idea and we can evaluate it.

    Sounds like a plan!

  • Hi Dan,

    then please create an Idea and we can evaluate it.

    I like Ideas a lot, but unfortunately it has become universal solution for Bentley when original design of a feature and its implementation is not done properly.

    I am aware I am hijacking the discussion a bit, but let's make a research how MicroStation Ideas looks today:

    • Ideas are not reviewed by Bentley: Even a year old and older posts are still new, which means Bentley do not take care about it not too mcuh. I have not found any "rejected" or "implemented", only "under review" and "future consideration".
    • There is close to zero feedback from Bentley: It seems the most of comments come from users, not Bentley. Looks weird, because when reading ideas, usually I thought further discussion and justification is needed.
    • No information about a decision, progress...: When an idea is "under review", often Defect number (not sure if always) is mentioned. Except that when Defect number is created, the ideas cannot be "under review" anymore, I have not been able to find any information abou further progress, in what version it was implemented or what is life of the defect or the idea itself.

    As one from my customer and my friend told me, when I recommended him to post an Idea: "I will wrote the ideas and my complains on papers and will throw them out of the windows. An effect and output will be the same, but it will be more fun."

    My formulation is that it should be win-win, but it's win-lost. As wrote in other discussion about commenting blogs: When Bentley colleague creates a blog, he is obligued to answer consequent questions in forum. It's not usually happening. I would apply the same rule to Ideas: When Bentley asked users to invest their time to formulate Ideas, add images or videos and other users comment them, Bentley should be obligued to don't use Ideas as a trash, but to keep the Ideas living and to provide consistent feedback how Ideas are processed.

    Because it's not happening, I understand that some users dislike Ideas and treat them as useless and lost time.

    With regards,