overrides colour in attached ref V8iss4

I have a file called active.dgn

to which is attached refile.dgn

now I have a level libray attached through the dgnlib.

I want a key in or script or vba to do what I can do by  hand in the level manager, but typically the ref file is attached to lots of drawings no just active.dgn

now this is what I can do by hand in each active drg 

Level manager 

Select the ref file attached

set level drainage_pipe override colour to blue( 1)  from its original not by level red (3)

This works if I do it by hand but I have 50 files or more, and I dont want to do this by hand...

I thought of doing it in the ref file  but it doesnt come thru to the active file unless I detach and reattach not desirable...ie if changes are made after it was attached as ref...

I tried the level synchronise keyins but it just reset all the colours to the bylevel colours in the attached dgnlib so lost the manual oride setting colour blue (1) 

I read in old post you can only do it thro batchpro script...

It had something like this but it  doesnt  do anything i think its because the dgnlib wont let me change it...

(but why can I do it by hand in the level manager of active or even change it in the ref and detach and reattach and that works! and I''m still changing what is meant to be governed by dgnlib!)

As I said this batchpro script didnt do anything...!

level set override color on file:F:\temp\refile.dgn
level set override color ON 1 file:F:\temp\refile.dgn DRAINAGE_PIPE
update view extended

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