Bentley View Connect Edition - Clip Volume tool

Downloaded the CE version... seems a bit faster, which is good stuff.

Bentley View has the potential to reach a very wide audience... so I was a little disappointed to see the Clip Volume tool not being available. :-(

If the dgn has a DV then the DV's Clip volume is available. But, we need to realise that BV will be used as a 'swiss army knife' go-to tool to view all CAD formats. It opens a huge number of formats pretty well, but these days viewing 3d models is becoming increasingly common. If you accept this, than not having clipping tools to 'peel back' the 3d model to see what's inside is a critical got-to-have that any go-to tool will need to have.

The cut geometry etc is proxy graphics anyway that is volatile... should be compatible enough in read only mode? So near, yet... so far. Update 13?

The same goes for attaching Reference files. Mstn has already got all the functionality in place.

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