[CONNECT U11] Font issues/questions

A couple of questions about fonts:

We have a company font (.RSC) that we use in V8i SS3. That font has a "number" of 1, replacing the generic "WORKING" font. When that font .RSC is now put into the MS_SYMBRSRC path, and we open a V8i drawing in CONNECT, we do not see our font at all in the font list (looking at the drop-down in the General tab of the Text Styles tool). It shows font 1 as being "WORKING". So, in order to figure out why, we've renamed ALL the .rsc files located in the MS_SYMBRSRC path with a .rscX file extension. When we re-open a drawing and invoke the Text Style tool, we can still see the "delivered" .RSC fonts - why? Where are they being read from?

How do we get CONNECT to use our font .RSC file as the "number 1" font instead of using "WORKING" as the number 1 font? We have embedded special symbols into our .RSC font, that when now opened/viewed in CONNECT, are lost because CONNECT is not using our .RSC font and is using the default WORKING font instead, which does not have the special characters...



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