delete elements in a parametric cell using variable

i just made a parametric cell, it works well. The cell is a conveyor with power unit, but sometime i do not need power unit when placing the cell. Is there any way to delete elements in a cell automatically using variables, when placing cell in design model.  i do not want explode cell and delete elements. 

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  • Marco,

    please look into this as soon as possible as there are many occasions when this functionality will be needed (e.g. when creating a parametric cell representing a road sign with various fixing types: concrete foundation, baseplate etc). The alternative approach of creating a parametric cell for each potential scenario would be time consuming and result in a very large cell library.



  • Absolutely - I can see where some kind of visibility control parameter would be very helpful for those items that are almost the same (as Keith mentioned).


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  • An option that I think could work would be for parametric cells that represent objects that have elements that may or may not be needed (say a door with a coat hook) to be set up such that they have other parametric cells nested within them with an Item Type used to control whether or not the nested cells are inserted. Each optional part of the cell (such as the coat hook) would be created as a separate parametric cell and only inserted into the parametric cell that represents the combined model if needed.

    When setting up this arrangement, there is a need to think about other functionality that is required (some of which should be obvious and probably already exists). I think this should include the following.

    - The point at which each parametric cell is inserted into the combined cell model needs to be linked to points on other parametric cells (e.g. a sign face needs to be fixed to a point on a support pole, the position of which is controlled by an Item Type). 

    - The nested parametric cells should be set up such that they can be updated as the design is developed (e.g. an initial generic door can be swopped to a manufacturer's specific model once this has been chosen). The 'asset model' is developed through the lifecycle of the project, rather than being recreated at different stages.

    - The position of the nested parametric cells needs to be linked to other design features (e.g. the level of a design surface or the position of a road edge).

    - The nested parametric cells need to be set up such that they can be exported to an external database in such a way that all the Item Types, cell names and positional data is captured. This would be used to extract quantities and transfer data to other software (e.g. a Client's asset management software).

    - Once data is exported to an external database, we need to be able to edit the database and update the DGN model and visa versa.

    - We also need to be able to create a new DGN model containing the various nested parametric cells by importing the data contained in the database.

    - Ideally the data contained in the external database could be used to create asset models using other software (e.g. Civil 3D).