[Connect U12] Bentley RSS feeds

The RSS feeds don't appear to be working which causes a long delay if anyone goes to the Example, courses & news page. I notices that the RSS reader has the option to unsubscribe feeds but you can't choose to unsubscribe all of them. Please can we have the option to do that or better still the option to hide the 'example, course & news' page all together.

  • Hi Duncan,

    Aside from how we configure the default feeds, I'll speak to your request to hide them.  Usage of the Welcome Screen has not been sufficient for us to continue with it, so soon we are going to remove it entirely!  With the availability of CONNECT Adviser, and the eventual replacement of the MicroStation sample project, we will show new aspects of MicroStation or providing product updates in other places.

    As much as we are loathe to remove potentially useful functionality from MicroStation, anything we can do to simplify provides more opportunity to focus on quality and core productivity.


    Makai Smith
    Director, Product Management
    MicroStation Product Line
    Bentley Systems, Inc.

  • Hooray. That's made my day. I'm afraid it wasn't at all useful. The training was nearly all irrelevant and often focused on niche products that we don't use. The sample videos could be put on Youtube and the news feed was just press releases the vast majority of which were on no interest 

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