Hello everyone,

I'm asked directly Bentley for this question and they told me to ask the community because they don't know the answer O_O

I have some user that want to view Microstation files (DGN). I'm looking for an offline viewer that can be installed through SCCM. Is there such a thing? All I can find is Bentley View, that is huge, require online licence, is an online download/install and can't be package properly.

Thank you

  • Hello,

    Right now, the installer is an online installer. It's a 2 mb download and when I launch it, it download everything while installing. That's my first show stopper, I don't want that, I want a full offline.

    2nd, when I launch the product, it requested a cloud licence to start the product. Let it be free or not, I don't want that, I don't want to create/manage 20 000 users account that move nearly every day.

    All I need is the ability to view DGN file. I'm open to any other product, as long as I can push the installation offline without any internet access requirement. A simply viewer like any other viewer in this world that require nothing else then having it installed on it.

    And yes, as Jan said, an offline product is a product that never required any online connection for anything, let it be installation, configuration, activation, etc.

    Thank you

  • Hi Danielle,

    Right now, the installer is an online installer.

    That's default mode only (and it's not exceptional, I know plenty of software that work this way).

    Using /layout switch you can create (as Bentley called it) deployment image that contains everything and is completely offline.

    it requested a cloud licence to start the product.

    It's how Bentley designed the product and I guess there is no solution.

    But when talking about such huge amount of users, I think somebody from Bentley should provide some best practice or solution, because I agree to manage thousands of users is quite impossible. Maybe it's fine for Bentley View to use alwyas the same "view user"?

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