Hello everyone,

I'm asked directly Bentley for this question and they told me to ask the community because they don't know the answer O_O

I have some user that want to view Microstation files (DGN). I'm looking for an offline viewer that can be installed through SCCM. Is there such a thing? All I can find is Bentley View, that is huge, require online licence, is an online download/install and can't be package properly.

Thank you

  • Hello,

    Right now, the installer is an online installer. It's a 2 mb download and when I launch it, it download everything while installing. That's my first show stopper, I don't want that, I want a full offline.

    2nd, when I launch the product, it requested a cloud licence to start the product. Let it be free or not, I don't want that, I don't want to create/manage 20 000 users account that move nearly every day.

    All I need is the ability to view DGN file. I'm open to any other product, as long as I can push the installation offline without any internet access requirement. A simply viewer like any other viewer in this world that require nothing else then having it installed on it.

    And yes, as Jan said, an offline product is a product that never required any online connection for anything, let it be installation, configuration, activation, etc.

    Thank you

  • Hi Danielle,

    Right now, the installer is an online installer.

    That's default mode only (and it's not exceptional, I know plenty of software that work this way).

    Using /layout switch you can create (as Bentley called it) deployment image that contains everything and is completely offline.

    it requested a cloud licence to start the product.

    It's how Bentley designed the product and I guess there is no solution.

    But when talking about such huge amount of users, I think somebody from Bentley should provide some best practice or solution, because I agree to manage thousands of users is quite impossible. Maybe it's fine for Bentley View to use alwyas the same "view user"?

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  • Already talked to them, they told me to reach the community forum..... Funny, I request Bentley to know what product I should use and they can't answer me....

  • Danielle, Privately, please IM me so that I can find out where to spread some knowledge.  I don't want to get anyone in trouble, and I think it is good that we're directing questions to the forum because the answers here help many.  But, on the other hand, Bentley colleagues should have accurate and complete information to share with you.

  • HI Jan,

    Right now, a checked out license is the best way to get Bentley View rolled out at scale to users who are not able to connect to the internet.  The best way is federated user management, that way, the licensing of Bentley View is silent.  As you say, this is becoming the norm, for an installer to bootstrap then DL the payloads (which isn't that different from downloading the whole thing first...they both rely on connecting).  The rub is going to be to get this process smooth enough, but we (Bentley, and software in general) are probably not going back to monolithic, disconnect applications used anonymously.  Like I say above, I'm not taking a stand on the overall "goodness" of the state of play...but I am saying, that if this is the way we're going, then we need to make it practical.