Hello everyone,

I'm asked directly Bentley for this question and they told me to ask the community because they don't know the answer O_O

I have some user that want to view Microstation files (DGN). I'm looking for an offline viewer that can be installed through SCCM. Is there such a thing? All I can find is Bentley View, that is huge, require online licence, is an online download/install and can't be package properly.

Thank you

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  • I can't find it on the downloads any longer but it may be there.

    From Software Downloads, Clear All and then seach for "dgn reader" to find Bentley DGN Reader for Windows 7

    Adding to John's post, it is under 90MB in size and works fine under Windows 10 as well.

    From the download description:

    It will provide the ability to view, pan, zoom, and rotate 2D and 3D DGNs and i-models from within Windows Explorer and any Windows 7 application, such as Microsoft Outlook, that uses Window preview capability.


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