Why is Bentley discontinuing support for select series

Why is Bentley discontinuing support for select series? Are you trying to force us to use The Connect addition?

I'm not thrilled with the interface with Connect. And from what I have been reading I am not alone.

I HATE HATE HATE THE RIBBON, I hate all ribbons but I think this one is the worse.  There are too many clicks to get to the task you want to go to. 

Back in the old days, Bentley was proud that they required fewer mouse clicks \ keystrokes to perform a task compared to Autocad. That workflow went out the window. Using JUST the ribbon just count how many clicks you have to make. LESS IS MORE!

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  • The info on the website and from the SS10 installation dialog both clearly state it is only a consolidation of previous updates and a means to postpone users switching to CONNECT. Makes me wonder why the hastle with Connect Licensing. Why not continue the hosted license a bit longer? And why does that require a version SS10 anyway?

    Well at least the folks at Bentley have been listening to our crying.

    Ivo Blaauw
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    Look what the CAD dragged in...