CVE's and Level Overrides

Is it possible to assign level overrides to a CVE?

Will it be persistent so that when the CVE is updated the override will it stick?

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  • there is no reason to explain acronyms used as standard terms in MicroStation documentation

    CVE is mentioned once, in topic Visible Edge Processing Configuration Variables.  Does a single mention make it a 'standard term'? 

    Cached Visible Edges are mentioned several times under the eponymous topic but the acronym CVE is not introduced.

    In my opinion, it's only polite to one's audience to expand an acronym the first time it's used, whether or not it's a 'standard term'.  It helps to clarify a conversation.  When the audience is international, as on Be Communities, it can be a challenge to interpret an unknown acronym, paricularly one that itself uses multiple languages (cached is derived from French, visible and edges are English).  Expanding the acronym eliminates the distraction caused by having to interpret jargon and buzzwords.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions