Not sure where this color table is

I am trying to find out what color table is attached to this dgn. The path that is showing doesn't exist. The path stops at Bentley. There is no Workspace\etc......

So where is this color table?

Thank you

  • The color table is attached to the DGN - it is not a separate file. The path is the original file path (I believe), which may not exist on your machine.

  • I am trying to find out what color table is attached to this dgn

    If you want to see available colour tables, open a Windows command prompt and search for *.tbl.  Here's what I see...

    G:\PROGRA~1\Bentley\MICROS~2\MICROS~1>dir/s *.tbl
     Volume in drive G is Applications
     Volume Serial Number is 16A4-2584
     Directory of G:\PROGRA~1\Bentley\MICROS~2\MICROS~1\Default\Data
    21/02/2019  18:56             1,027 256_neg.tbl
    21/02/2019  18:56               768 acadcolor.tbl
    21/02/2019  18:56               768 acadcoloradj.tbl
    21/02/2019  18:56               768 color.tbl
    21/02/2019  18:56               768 color256.tbl
    21/02/2019  18:56             1,024 ldefcols.tbl
    21/02/2019  18:56               768 menucolr.tbl

    The path is, for whatever reason, an abbreviated form of:

    G:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\Default\Data

    There may be other tables in your workspace, so you may want to search starting in your workspace root folder.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

  • You  may need to do a save as for the colour table and  give it a name if you want  to find and use it again. as Jon said it may only be attached to this file, and if you go attaching  others you already  have in the default paths you'll will lose it  forever...

    If you going to use it alot , make a named seed file with it attached... My Local DOT has their own custom color table and its attached to their seed files too, I made sure they are named DOT_3dmetric_seed.dgn or similar .. what ever makes sense is best... but I also keep a named colour table on hand for transforming outputs from others like 12d to Dwg to dgb or DWG to DGN always has the wrong colour table for me.. and also external consultants out puts dont have the required colour tables....


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  • Hi,

    to add some more infor to posted answers:

    I am trying to find out what color table is attached to this dgn.

    The terminology used by MicroStation may be a bit confusing in this situation, because "attach color table (CT) to design file" evokes a linkage between design file and CT is created and these two files exist in parallel.

    In fact when CT is attached to design file, its content (color values) is imported into design file and stored there and as Mark wrote, the information about original file is an information about state when CT was imported into DGN file and does not mean the file exists.

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  • is imported into design file

    Agreed, this should be changed in the UI and documentation to be clear.