[CONNECT U12] Issue with copying/moving more than 2000 elements at one time


could anybody reprodude the issue I am facing with copying/moving more than 2000 elements at once? By elements I mean a number shown in "Selection Set" near the symbol cursor, on the very bottom of Microstation window.

1. In DGN file, select more than 2000 elements and choose Manipulate/Move or Copy from Ribbon.

2. See how many elements was copied/moved (should be every element of course no matter how many are they).

3. Exactly 2001 elements are copied or moved, other remains in previous place.

I have files that works just fine in latest v8i but not in Connect. I can provide that file(s) if needed. I was able to reproduce it also with freshly created file using delivered seed.

Tested on Microstation Connect U12 and some PowerPlatform-based (U12) electrical software. For testing purposed I have installed them on another machine with no customization.

Regards, Wojtek

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  • Hi

    I have uploaded file as described. It's based on current promis.e software, because that's what I have at computer now, I can provide later the same files with Powerdraft from another machine if needed.

    You will find Process Monitor Logs + video (screen record) separately for copying and moving. I have also attached the DGN file.

    The file name is CopyIssue.zip


    Best regards, Wojtek

    SW: Promis.e