How to move objects from paper space to model space?

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Do we have a similar command in micro-station for AutoCAD's CHSPACE which moves objects from paper space to model space?

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  • Not really. The suggestions above work OK, and I suspect this is something that doesn't come up often enough for Bentley to be bothered with. Since we can copy elements from reference files, there's not quite the same need for a special tool as there is in AutoCAD.

    Since MicroStation doesn't have "paperspace" so to speak, would you want to copy from a drawing model? A sheet model? Would you only want it to work on self-referenced files, or would you want it to work on any referenced files?

    You can always go to the Ideas page and create an Idea for Bentley to consider.


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  • Accidentially drawn something on the sheet model "paperspace" rather than on the design model ? (as I do sometimes...)

    I would "Activate" to cut-and-paste the stuff to the reference. If eg."Treat attachment as element" is on for the reference you have no problem to grab the wrongly drawn stuff.

    Use the clipboard with a "tentative" (left+right mousebutton) to define any orientation point. > Ctrl+X

    Activate the reference. Mind the scale factor of the referenced file!

    Ctrl-V and "Tentative" again to the same orientation point.

    Then Deactivate the reference