Dgnlib file

MicroStation Select Series 10 V8i

In .dgnlib there is a level 0 and show not used. will not delete in looking further Using properties the Usage tab shows type Shared Cell Def Id REV_1_1  I tried the file compress, after that closed and re-opened

same problem. I am out of what to do BTW this was a level 56 I could not delete so I made Level 0 and remapped then deleted Level 0


  • the Usage tab shows type Shared Cell Def Id REV_1_1

    That's a shared cell definition element.  You can't delete it if there is a shared cell instance element somewhere in that DGN file. You can't delete a level if it's used by any element, so you can't delete the level until you delete the shared cell definition.

    The shared cell instance references the shared cell definition.  MicroStation won't let you remove the shared cell definition if it is referenced anywhere.  Can you see a shared cell instance named REV_1_1?

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  • I can send you a copy if you like. there is only the one level and I did a Ctrl A and nothing seemed to show up. I went to power selector and tried 

    shared cell to show anything and it only blinks. The level problem was actually on a level 56 and I could find nothing. I tried making Level 0

    and did a remap elements 56 to 0 hoping it would be lost in the shuffle

    that failed making a cross reference to seed2d.dgn and it was no longer there, But lost all my custom tool bars, Years of work. So at present I am stuck. I would be glad to attach if that is allowed by rules and If you could explaing how? I know how to paste pictures as below is the level open, ran fit view to see if anything. Did the ctrl A to see if anything was exposed check for locked level ? also did a file compress with everything selected and it was not showing anything on the level. Was afraid to check the include references, but could make a copy of this file and than try that ?

    I did not want to destroy my toolbox.dgnlib file scary 

    Version: MicroStation V8i SS 10

    RJB Phillips III (Richard) Praise the Lord for His Mercy and grace in Christ Jesus

  • I would suggest you have a read through the following Wiki article in relation to Shared Cells and Deleting Levels.


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