Opening Powerdraft

I have Powerdraft student edition. I had to reinstall it because I had to replace my hard drive. Its been several months since I first installed and I do not recall how to open the program. I have logged in to COONECTION Client so far but what's next? Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi George, 

    The organization of your work is totally your responsibility. Knowledge about files and directories is as important as knowing how to add and subtract. If you work with a computer. I guess you are a student, so take some classes. It will make your live easier ^_^

    To find files I uses the little tool everything. It finds files easier than the file-explorer. HTH. 

    And o last advice (^_-) new question => new task, do not hide your question inside a "verified answer" 

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
    Volker Hüfner

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