MicroStation and Inroads not using RGB colors.

I'm setting up new levels and a new Inroads XIN file to cover a new project requirements.

In both the level manager and the xin file I've set the colors to use the RGB numbers as required by the project specs. 

When I process a survey field file, the colors do not come in using the RGB numbers, they revert to the basic colors.

An example is a tree, in the level manager and the xin symbology, a tree is set to use the rgb color 41,165,0 (dark green). When processed, the color comes out as the basic #2 green.

All the RGB mixed colors are ignored and come out as basic colors.

The file comes in on the correct levels but the colors are off.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?

I'm using MicroStation V8i V08.11.07.443, InRoads V Select series 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.