Microstation V8i SS10

This was mentioned in another thread and seems to have been very quietly slipped out 


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  • Without knowing your V8i Installation setup, what I can tell you is that custom user settings & company standards are easily reinstated after an upgrade installation with next to no downtime at all. Typically your V8i Workspace folder will reside on a mapped network drive on a file server, this won't be modified in any way during installation of SS10. All those settings you mentioned are It's also common to have a custom shortcut with a command switch to tell MicroStation where your settings are stored (If you are unfamiliar with this, Open the V8i Help/Programmed Customizations/Command Line Arguments).

    As an example, if I were to uninstall V8i SS4 and install SS10, once the installation is complete, the only thing I will have to do is open the properties of my custom shortcut and verify that the folder path to Ustation.exe is the same as it was to SS4. If its not, I just change it to what it needs to now be. Then I load MicroStation with the custom shortcut, open a dgn file  and all my own user settings and company settings (not that I have any need for those currently!) are loaded and just as they were with SS4. The only loss of time is the time to uninstall SS4 and install SS10.

  • Or amend mslocal.cfg to point at the network workspace. A new install will overwrite it but you can just copy your custom version back over it.

  • Personally, I would advise against doing this as its not recommended to edit any of the default config files.

    Instead, copy the mslocal.cfg to a suitable location in your custom Workspace and edit it as needed. It is this file which immediately pointed to by the command switch that i mentioned in my previous post (using -WC command switch).

  • We don't use workspaces. Tried to introduce these but we use a mix of V8i SS4 and CE and I've been told that it's not possible to mix these setups using the same workspaces. In the end we just lacked time to investigate any further. It's always tough enough to find the right time to upgrade with ongoing projects.

  • Its extremely advisable that you do use them. If you aren't it sounds like each user has to replicate the same company settings manually as well as having their own custom settings. That scenario leads to lack of consistency between users and more difficult to manage compared to a networked workspace.

    However, you cannot use 1 set of settings for both V8i and CONNECT so you need to keep separate folders. Sure some of the customised files will be duplicated however there are some files which are in a slightly different format in CONNECT than they are in V8i e.g. definition files (Scale/Sheet Sizes/Units etc...)