Why is Bentley forcing Us to use "Get Connected" and Microstation Connect Edition

I have windows 10 and My Mircostation Select Series SS3 & SS4 works great, No problems.

But I downloaded Microstation Connect Edition because Bentley order me to this and none of my Preferences or seed files or my clients Preference & seed file will

work with out errors plus there is no way to control the Icons they fill up my screens.

Than I get charged extra for using Mircostation Connect Edition, when all I been trying to do is get it to work.

I am one person office why is Bentley forcing down our throats "Get Connected" & Microstation Connect Edition, that

old saying if it is not broke, don't fix it.

Do not try, to call Bentley, there is nobody at the Office, I tried it as if everybody went home and left the computer running on it own.

Dennis A. Vodicka