Update on Update 13

The update on update 13 blog post has some welcome news that Bentley appears to be focusing on fixing the numerous bugs. It refers to the U13 being available before the end of the season. Which season did you have in mind? Football, Cricket, Summer? I also understand that not all the DWG issues will be resolves which is a major headache for us as the DWG performance is woeful compared to V8i. Also what does the first sentence mean as it makes little sense? 

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  • Hi Makai,

    We will continue to put performance and stability first until such time as we have parity with V8i then better.

    This is something you (Bentley) ignored for all years CONNECT Edition is available on market and you resigned from code and product quality standards (and quality was something Bentley were proud of in the past). Critical performance issues have been reported by users from the first MicroStation release without any change until recent updates.

    About 50% of my customers already started or have plans to test and evaluate migration to competitive platforms (that of course have own problems), simply because there see no quality increase for the most of MicroStation updates (performance is crucial, not new features) and there are no clear plans avaialable what will be solved when.

    These decisions are usually expensive, but unfortunately all issues with CE platform (MicroStation quality is smaller part of migration disaster) together with weak local support (because Bentley fought with partners for years, so they started offer alternatives) and ignoring local standards and required features (e.g. in EU without WMTS and WFS used by INSPIRE implementations you are out of game in any industry, competitors have supported it for years) cumulatively push users to competitive platforms.

    I am aware of places where CE have been the same or even faster than V8i, but they are just a few and used rarely.

    So sorry, no friendly hug and optimisim here and no acceptance and understanding for sentences like  "performance and stability first" until CE products with V8i quality are available.

    While 50% better is better

    I can quote my friend (and customer) when we discussed announced features of Update 13 yesterday: "50% speed increase means it's not 100% but 50% dud? Ok, but it means it still cannot be used."

    What I hear from customers is that V8i is the only benchmark used to evaluate CE features, simply because current workflows, procedures and projects are based on it. To say "it's 50% faster comparing to previous version" is useless marketing speech from this perspective. Please provide comparison with V8i.

    Already CONNECT Edition is much better than V8i in many ways

    What are new features benefits for running projects with tight dealines, when you have to wait minutes to open every model, every ribbon workflow switch means delay and sometimes data are printed differently? BTW MicroStation is still great compared to e.g. ORD where "responsivenss unit" for any action (even simple mouse click) are seconds or even minutes and several crashes every day is normal.

    I am very sure you will not buy car with last generation assistants and automaticl pilot when engine have problem with 2 pistons, breaks sometimes do not work and undercarriage with suspension behaves more like tractor than city car. When basic features are not good, new extra features are useless.

    I agree some new features are great, but overall platform now is still disaster and requires huge investment into quality and performance (including industry specific products like ORD, BM and ABD, because they are used together with MicroStation).

    and you are in contact directly with Bentley Support

    Bentley Support is just big hole where you can anything put in, but there is no response. It's visible from many posts and questions in forum that to translate issue into defect number through communities is "doable", but not always fast, but do the same through service ticket is much longer. And to receive any further information how the ticket was evaluated, prioritized and when it's expected it will be solved is simply impossible. To ask separately again and again for every single defect number (and not all tickets end as defects) here in forum is not efficient solution.

    With regards,


  • CONNECT Edition is much better than V8i in many ways ... the 68-bit architecture

    How I've longed for a 68-bit app. to run on my Windows 68 computer!

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions