CONNECT U11 Line Style Editor problems

I am experiencing some issues with the Line Style Editor. I am tasked with updating our custom line styles that we used in v8i to work with Annotation Scale. Since PennDOOT has been working to upgrade to CE the 1:1 scale definition has changed. Prior to CE 1 inch = 1 foot was the standard. Now 1 inch = 1 inch so all of our line styles are too big. We also had some legacy line styles that were using a 0.14 x scale for text height (was proposed text height). In order for everything to scale correctly using Annotation Scale we decided to modify all of our custom line styles.

We copied our .rsc files onto ProjectWise. From there I export the .rsc file to my desktop (locking the original in PW). I open the .rsc file in the Line Style editor to find all of my custom line styles. I have 3 .rsc files. One for existing utilities, one for proposed utilities & one for all other line styles.

Problem 1:

I came across a line style that had the wrong stroke component identified for the point component. I clicked the Base Stroke Pattern button and I am presented with a blank Base Stroke Pattern selection dialog. You can see the stroke preview and a scroll bar. You can click in the blank area and scroll up & down and see the preview change. Obviously this does not help in any way. BTW, this happens if you try to create a new point component. When you try to select the Base Stroke Pattern the dialog is blank as well.

Problem 2:

I came across a many line styles where I click on the name of a line style in the Styles section. In the Sub-Components section I see the point component & the stroke component that make up the line style. When I double click on the stroke component the point component dialog opens. When I double click on the point component the stoke component dialog opens.

I have tried these same operations outside of ProjectWise with the same result using CONNECT. If I use v8i I do not have any issues. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?????? It's bad enough we need to deal with the tiny dialog box that's been an issue for a long time. I do not want to keep going back to v8i to fix my line styles.