Autosave and Forced Save

I would like some advice on Autosave and Save.

My supervisor wants all the Autosave disabled.  I am not sure I want to do that.

What is being ask is to allow a user to open a file but not to take ownership of it when they close it unless they do a "Forced" save.

We have engineers that will open a file to look at it and when they finish they will close it.  My guess is that  "Autosave" is then giving them the ownership of the file. My supervisor does not want that to happen.

What we want is to only have the file "Save" when it closes by forcing the file to request a "SAVE" by a dialog box when closing it.

I have set all pc's to "Auto-save Design Changes" as they are made in Preferences, but now have that turned off.

I have the "Save Settings on Exit" selected.

What they want is to essentially mimic AutoCAD that demands you save before you exit or nothing is saved.

What would be the impact of doing this in the way described?

If we do this will the autosave function have to be disabled so no work is automatically saved as it is done?