Reporting an Item Type With an Expression

I am trying to link data such as manufacturer, part number, description, and notes to a cell. I assigned properties to the cell within the .cel file, then in the dgnlib file referenced those properties to give the same output. Then in a test file I placed the cell and tried to create a report on the properties from the dgnlib file. I can only get 2 of the 4 properties to show when reporting. The 2 that will not show are expressions that are dependent on a true/false property that can be changed by the user in the test file. Does this create limitations for reporting those properties? 

1 of the properties that does show also is an expression, but is just a GetItemDifferentLibrary() command. Ive found that the other property will show if I insert a value in the default value, but if I use an expression, like 2+"2" it will not show in the report. However, it will still show a value in the properties window.

I included screenshots of one of the properties that will not show in the report, but will show the correct values in the properties window. I also attached the test file.