Print Table-AutoCAD Hatch Color


I am using MicroStation v8i, SS2.

I have a plot table, adjusted to see an autocad layer, and print to a color when the print dialog is set to monochrome.  It does not want to print color.  I am wondering if it is because I have the print dialog to print monochrome (everything except the autocad color), or if it has something to do with autocad solid hatch not printing for MicroStation as a shape?

Thanks in advance for any advice, it is greatly appreciated.

  • You told it to plot to mono so that's what you get..... why not plot to colour  use your pentable for the acad and set the overrides colours to 0 ie black for everything except the  acad colour levels... otherwise you need to make a new pentable  for colour plotting  and edit it to make all the colours  0 -254 print but ignore the true colours from acad  or by the level names print specific colours... ...then this is for acad colour  plots only and everything else is B& W


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