TTF text font for LEROY Microstation Font

Is there a TTF text font that matches to LEROY microstation font?

I am importing information from word and excel and the spacing is always slightly off that require some guess work.

I wanted to see if anyone has found a solution to this issue. I had found a font in the past but abandoned the solution after realizing the special font would require installations on all computers. With the new company I am with, I don't think that would be a problem to install a good TTF across all computers with real IT assistance.

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  • We've already got the FDOT workspace for our Florida projects.  I went through and double-checked those to make sure I hadn't missed anything; however, of all the FDOT TrueType fonts in the workspace, none of them are quite right.  I'm in the same boat as Matthew in that for TxDOT, we need to use the TXLEROY for which I've not had success in finding a TrueType match.



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