Placing parametric cells


I would like to know if it is possible to place a parametric cell via actual coordinates? Because when i place a cell, the format of XYZ changes.

I want to place them via this coordinates:

But when use place active cell, the XYZ numbers change to this format:


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  • From the Help file - I have tried it (AA=62.5) and it does work - a cell will be placed at this angle once it is set. [EDIT - I used a 'normal' cell, not a parametric cell. I will test that also.]

    ACTIVE ANGLE [ angle ]
    AA= [ angle ]
    Tip: Using the AA=<angle> alternate key-in to set the active angle can be faster than using the controls in the Active Angle category. For example, to set the active angle to 45 degree, key in AA=45. If angle is omitted, the current setting is displayed in the Status Bar.

    EDIT - the place parametric cells dialog does not 'read' the active angle. I will get a defect logged.

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