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I have a microstation V8i SS3 installed on my computer and I want to install the latest Microstation CE, and I need both versions. If i install the CE, will the v8i version stay or it will be changed to CE? thanks.

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  • Will old vba's built for in v8i still work in v8i  after unstall  of ce?

    Why wouldn't they continue to work?  As I wrote, V8 and CONNECT inhabit quite different folder structures and different parts of the Windows Registry.  The VBA engines are different as well: v6.5 32-bit for V8 and v7.1 64-bit for CONNECT.  Neither installing nor uninstalling CONNECT should affect anything in V8.

    VBA macros written for V8 will, in general, also work in CONNECT.  However, it's best to copy the V8 .mvba file from its V8 location to one of CONNECT's workspace folders.  Why?  Because the different versions of VBA use different compilers to create the run-time binary, and those binaries have different bit-ness.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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