How to set up the same v8i keyboard shortcuts in Connect edition?

I have seen several topics about this on the forums, but have not been able to resolve the issue following their advice (so I apologize if I'm asking the same question that's been asked many times before).

I just switched to MicroStation Connect from v8i and I am struggling to get my bearings with keyboard shortcuts. In particular, the things I found most useful in v8i were:

Q opened the drawing menu, then for example Q1 would place a smart line.

2 would open a fence menu. 21 would allow for placing a fence, etc.

3 opened a manipulate menu, with 31 as copy, 32 as move, 33 as scale, 34 as rotate, 35 as mirror, 36 as array, 39 move parallel, etc.

61 was drop element

7 was the modify menu, with 71 as modify element, 72 as break element, 73 extend line, etc.

Is there a way to set up these shortcuts in Connect edition? The advice I have seen is to enable "Use Position Mapping" in the Preferences menu, but this hasn't made a difference.

Any advice? Thank you!! Slight smile