Export Drawing model to DWG with 2D Wireframe AutoCAD Visual Style?


I am exporting my DGN Drawing models to DWG with a standard Wireframe Display Style and noticing this is the Visual Style that is set in AutoCAD. Unfortunately this does not display certain elements and I require to switch the DWG to the "2D Wireframe" Visual Style in AutoCAD.

Exporting a 2D Model successfully comes into acad with the 2D Wireframe Visual Style, however everything else comes in as the 3d variant - 3d models I can understand, but why Drawings (as they are 2D)?

Does anyone know how I can get my DGN Drawing models to export to DWG with a "2D Wireframe" Visual Style? I'm using Microstation CE U12 and OpenRoads Designer U7.

Note: This was previously posted on the now closed FileFormats forum here: https://communities.bentley.com/products/microstation/f/fileformats-forum/178953/export-dgn-drawing-to-dwg-with-2d-wireframe-autocad-visual-style