Bing Map Not Displaying Completely With State Plane Coordinate System Assigned


I am trying to attach Bing Map raster as a background.  I am using the Louisiana State Plane NAD83 South Zone 1702 coordinate system.  The Bing Map only shows up for the northern portion of the projected image and doesn't display any imagery just south of a particular latitude which seems to be the lower corners of the projected map itself.  See attached image.  If I zoom in and out sometimes more map shows up. But, no matter how long I wait when zoomed into the project area in southeast Louisiana, no imagery comes up.  I have used the view background option and the map shows up fine but it has to be clipped to a sheet boundary so the view background isn't a solution.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Michael Brennan, P.E.

US Army Corps of Engineers

New Orleans, LA

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