Element Display Priority on MS CE U13 (Defect 891858)

Looking at the list of resolved issues i cannot see anything specifically mentioned about the defect 891858 regarding element priorities.

Currently the entire prioity system is useless since it is ignored when printing.

Has this been fixed?

  • I need some clarification. The defect you mention has been filed against OBD (OpenBuildingsDesigner) and not MicroStation. Looking at the notes in the defect it states that this issue does not occur in MicroStation. It also shows that the issue is resolved in Update 6 of OBD (which is currently not released).

    So are you encountering this issue in MicroStation ? specifically Update 13.

  • The defect number that you provided is related to print plot dialog does not obey the level priorities?   Is this the correct issue ?  this issue was also filed for ABD and not MicroStation.